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Ambler Cremations Only $995

Raffeo-DiCecco Memorial Home provides cremation services to Ambler in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding areas. We specialize in simple, dignified, and affordable cremation services.

As a licensed funeral establishment, we provide quality, personalized service at any time, day or night. What you won’t experience is a high-stress sales pitch. We help you make final arrangements keeping it as simple as possible.

Raffeo-DiCecco Memorial Home does all it can to earn families' trust and make sure their loved one is taken care of with respect and dignity. Raffeo-DiCecco Memorial Home provides exceptional care for your loved one. We work hard to simplify the cremation process for our families.

Raffeo-DiCecco Memorial Home is a direct cremation provider, serving Ambler, Pa. A direct cremation services means we provide the actual cremation process so families can coordinate their personalized memorial or end-of-life celebration. We welcome you to learn more about Raffeo-DiCecco Memorial Home by calling us at any time to speak with one of our team members in Norristown or Ambler

We work to make sure every family we care for has the support needed as they go through this challenging time. Our experienced team has been trained internally in addition to their previous experience attending mortuary school or working within the industry.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping families we have the privilege to serve.
Raffeo-Dicecco is available 24×7 to assist you in making arrangements for yourself or loved one.

Arranging a Direct Cremation Serving Amber, PA

Want to know how to arrange a dignified funeral at an affordable cost?  We help you understand how you can save thousands of dollars when arranging a funeral.  In fact, you can arrange a simple, basic cremation in Ambler for just $995!

Cremation offers an inexpensive and flexible alternative to a burial service.  Choosing cremation services can save you 40% to 60% (or sometimes more) on the cost of traditional burial services.  This is because a casket is not required, or embalming (unless required) and there is no immediate need for a cemetery plot or burial vault.

Eliminating just a few products or services can save thousands

A cremation can offer a more flexible alternative that can accommodate families who have moved from their home state, or when a funeral cannot be held straight away.  Cremation also offers a greater range of personalization options with a whole array of ash-scattering ceremony possibilities, and various cremation artifact products.

There are 3 main types of cremation service options.  A cremation funeral – where the funeral service is held with the deceased present and a cremation is conducted after the service.  A cremation memorial – where the cremation is conducted before a memorial service is held. 

This can be with, or without, the cremated remains present and can often take the form of an ash scattering ceremony.  Or there is a direct cremation – this is where the deceased is cremated with no services, and the remains are given back to the family. 

There are some variances around these 3 main options, such as a private viewing before the cremation, an observed cremation, or a graveside interment of a cremation urn.

If you are working on a budget for your funeral expenses, you may wish to consider a direct cremation.  A direct cremation is the cheapest cremation option.

The funeral services provider does everything to take care of the immediate disposition of the deceased but no viewing or services are held.  The deceased is cremated in a simple cremation container and then the cremated remains are made available for the family or collect (or if requested delivered/mailed).


Ambler Funerals Only $4500

Coping with the news of a death, or impending death can be very stressful and made even more so if you are dealing with arranging a funeral for the first time. We make sure all the right questions are asked and answered, attempting to help ease the stress.

Funerals fill an essential role for those mourning the loss of a loved one. By providing surviving family and friends with an atmosphere of care and support in which to share thoughts and feelings about death, funerals are the first step in the healing process. It is the traditional way to recognize the finality of death. Funerals are recognized rituals for the living to show their respect for the dead and to help survivors begin the grieving process.

You can have a full funeral service even for those choosing cremation. Planning a personalized ceremony or service will help begin the healing process. Overcoming the pain is never easy, but a meaningful funeral or tribute will help.

Ambler Pennsylvania Burial or Cremation?

Burial in a casket is the most common method of disposing of remains in the United States, although entombment also occurs. Cremation is increasingly selected because it can be less expensive and allows for the memorial service to be held at a more convenient time in the future when relatives and friends can come together.

A funeral service followed by cremation need not be any different from a funeral service followed by a burial. Usually, cremated remains are placed in urn before being committed to a final resting place. The urn may be buried, placed in an indoor or outdoor mausoleum or columbarium, or interred in a special urn garden that many cemeteries provide for cremated remains. The remains may also be scattered, according to state law.

Should we choose to have a public viewing?

Viewing is a part of many cultural and ethnic traditions. Many grief specialists believe that viewing aids the grief process by helping the bereaved recognize the reality of death. Viewing is encouraged for children, as long as the process is explained and the activity is voluntary.


Arranging a Funeral in Ambler Montgomery County

Traditional Funeral Arrangements, Inexpensive Full-Service Programs, Church Viewing, Memorial Services, Graveside Services. We can assist you in making arrangements tailored to individual tastes and budgets.

Raffeo-DiCecco Traditional Funerals Price is $4500.00, very affordable by comparison.


For Ambler cremation services or memorial services, please call Raffeo-Dicecco at 610-630-3259.



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